So last night, we (Andy, Russell, JHW (Third presenter who never shows up), me (Marc), & our respective better halves), had the pleasure of attending the Soulfully Yours Tour 2017 at The Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford on the outskirts of London/Kent.

What a “value for money” night that turned out to be!! The tickets where £22 & we where advised that it would start at 8pm.... and it did! We got there just before 7.30 and where treated to some quality soul tunes on a “kick-ass” sound system from warm up DJ and compare Pete Meadows. It then went on (with a small 10 minute “comfort” break), until just past 11pm!

First up, Camera Soul. (Although I don’t really like making comparisons, I will for the benefit of the those not familiar with their work), are a 4 piece mini Incognito from southern Italy. Weather you know their stuff or not, it’s quality Jazz Funk with a Capital “Q”! They had even learnt a track by each of the performers so they could join in and make the whole thing sync much better throughout the night. Fabulous!

Next up, Kenya McGuire Johnson who not only has one of those Nu Jazz/Soul voices of an angel, but a great sense of humour too! Kenya was then joined on stage by one half of Kloud 9, Kendall Duffie, who’s voice complimented hers with superb harmonies. I didn’t know much about Kenya’s work except for a few older trax and her work with Tom Glide on the “Diva’s Got Soul” album, but again, quality with a Capital “Q”!

Next up.... The legend that is Arthur Miles. I’ve been playing Arthur’s tunes since I got my grubby little hands on a promo 12” of Trippin’ on Your Love/Helping Hands (both of which he performed, along with my fave Victims of Our Love), 27 years ago! Arthur is... shall we say... (I hope he doesn’t mind 🙈), “only just” the wrong side of 50 and had to perform sitting on a stool after breaking a leg earlier in the year, but let me tell you.... WOW! The power in that man’s voice is incredible! At certain points in his performance, he couldn’t have got the mic further from his mouth if I’d have been holding it for him back in row J, yet boomed his gravely tones clearly above the level of the brilliant sound system. A couple of his new songs and a cover of a Teddy P track got everyone singing along. Quality... with a Capital “Q”!

Then came the turn of The Songbird, Ms Gwendolyn Collins. From bass booming R’n’B to sheer soulfulness, with a stage presence most artists would kill for, Gwendolyn (as with Kenya), is “at home” on the stage! And I feel I have to mention.... with a broken toe! (That’s what playing soccer does for you! 😉)

The finale was a real corker, ALL back on stage with an outstanding rendition of Stevie’s “Do I Do” led by the superb Camera Soul vocalist Maria.

Afterwards all the artists stuck around & where chatting, taking photo’s, selfies with the audience and where genuinely happy to do so! What a FANTASTIC night out!

Yes this wasn’t George Benson or Chaka Khan, but it wasn’t £250 a ticket! And for my money, the entertainment far exceeded not only my expectations, but recent performances of the named above too! ALL for £22!!!!

So here’s a chance for you to make a difference and treat yourself to a fabulous night out in the process!

The Soulfully Yours 2017 Tour has two last opertunies to run across this weekend in Lowestoft in the East of England.

Put the straighteners away, get a babysitter! Instead of “Tracy” coming over and cracking open that bottle of Liebfraumilch, drag “Tracy” out! Not just out, but OUT OUT!

If you have 1 single ounce of soulfulness in your bones, you seriously won’t be disappointed!